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Katakan pada hati kita " Ya Allah, aku layak diuji. Aku hanya hambamu. Disebalik ujian ini aku yakin ada kebaikannya". setiap orang ada cerita sendiri. Life isn't about waiting for de storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in de rain! :P Dalam masa kejayaan teman teman mengenal kita. Dalam kesengsaraan kita mengenal teman teman kita. Ingatlah bila terakhir anda berada dalam kesulitan. Siapa yang berada di samping anda? :D Siapa yang mengasihi anda saat anda merasa tidak dicintai.  

Mid-year exam is just around the corner, with me not fully prepared. Oh, ya Allah, I pray that I could do the best, be the best, achieve the best among the rest. Insya-Allah. Well, for your information, the exam will start on 13th of May . which means, I've not more than one week to prepare myself for the worst ;DTo those reading this, do pray for my success. I'm aiming for getting more A on this exam , will be not fail anymore , and really hoping that I'll achieve it. Despite everything, actually I'm rather eager about this oncoming exam, for I really want to know about my achievment. Is my effort enough? How good am I? And there's a lot of questions spinning around my head. Okay, that's all. Huhu. Pray for the best :)

Doa untuk kejayaan cemerlang ^^

Ya Allah Kami memohon kejayaan dalam setiap ketentuan,  tempat para syuhada'
dan kehidupan orang-orang bahagia serta kemenangan mengatasi musuh.

THAT'S ALL FOR NOW ! DAA^^ SayangYouSangat :)

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