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Your so perfect and I can't believe that i fell for you, 
I still love you and I loved you for about a year but I feel like I will always love you because everytime I date someone new, i feel wrong.  I feel i am using him and I feel like a killer because I brought so much happyness to his life.  Now I gave up in dated someone new because there is no use of forgeting you and there is no way of me letting you go. Your a  huge deal in my life and I want to build a wall around my self to protect me from geting hurt but there is no use.
     I hope he thinks of me because we are great friends and I would rsked my life for him because I fucking love him, But he doesn't love me but that fine with me but only thing i want is him to be safe, happy, loved, and to not hurt.
    He wants to be popular  but we know that won't happen, He hang out with them but they make fun of him, i feel bad for him and i try to do everything to make him happy  and it works for a couple of hours but then it wears out.He has a pretty hardlife already but he does make it worst but i tried to fixed it but it doesn't work because mostly it is with his family. He is a drama king but that is one reason why i love him. I don't care what people think about him i just care about  him. Well, he is moving this year and i don't kow what to do without him because he is my world and i already cry when i hav to say goodbye for just  vacation which it about a week, and i cheer up but in the end i realized that you are the only one that i will always love and i will wait even though it hurts like a getting stabed with a knife. I love him fucking much and i wish he is not moving but he is and i can't do anything. :( 

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